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Two Trees Are in My Garden Gen 2.9, in light of Rom 7.15 & Deu 29.29 From time to time you, me -- ALL of us --experience bitter battles between our old and new natures.
Overwhelmed Within -- a devotional study of election Eph 1.4 & 1.6 "Why am I saved?Ē you ask. Because God has chosen you for Himself and has placed you in the Beloved.
Second Time Listener Jonah 3.1, 3.5-10 If you listen carefully, God will speak to you again the ďsecond time.Ē
Rest in the Wisdom from God 1 Cor 1.30a, 2 Tim 3.7 Apart from Christ, neither the unregenerate NOR the regenerate will find rest for their minds.

Bible Studies

Where is America in Bible Prophecy?
Deu 29.29a So... what role will America play in the last days? Okay, here it is. Are you ready? *****
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly Prov 24.30-34 If you only accept instruction from nice people, you will learn only 50 percent of what life can teach you.
Strong Counsel for Husbands 1 Pet 3.7, Eph 5.25 If your wife feels more comfortable baring her soul to ANYONE other than you, then you are NOT doing your job.
Strong Counsel for Wives 1 Pet 3.1-4 God commands you to submit to your husband, BUT -- what if he is disobedient to God's Word? What then?


The doctrine of soul sleep -- is it true or false? 2 Cor 5.6-8 Certain cultists say that the souls of your loved ones who died in Christ are asleep -- unconscious! -- in their graves. Is this so?
Gen 2 - The BEST of the Story Genesis chapters 1 & 2 Liberal critics of the Bible assert that chapters one and two of Genesis contain two DIFFERENT accounts of the creation. Are they correct?

Answers to Mail from Visitors

What is the prophetic significance of our soldiers crossing the Euphrates River?
Rev 16.12 Will this war with Iraq put America out of the end-times circuit? Will it put us in the hyperinflation mode? What's the Biblical take on this?
What is "yoked?" How can I recognize a "believer" 2 Cor 6.14 Four *tests* to help you recognize whether or not someone is a fellow believer in Jesus Christ.
Jacob was a deceiver, yet God blessed him. WHY? Gen 25.29-34 At times, Jacob was an out-and-out rogue. Yet God blessed him. Is that BAD news? No, it is good news! If God will bless a deceiver like Jacob, then there's hope for everybody.
How can I find a good church home? Heb 10.25 When visiting a church, if you sense there is little or no life, then donít go there. Why would you seek the living Jesus among the *dead*? (Luke 24:5)
Forgiving those who sin against you-
Part 2
Luke 17.3-4
Luke 23.33-34a
If someone sins against you & refuses to repent, you are not required to publicly forgive him. However, you ARE required to forgive him privately before God.
A plea for advice 2 Cor 12.7b-10 My daughter's ex-husband has lied and done everything he can to try to hurt our daughter or us.
Are your loved ones in Heaven watching you? Rev 6.9-10, Heb 12.1-2 The cheers of God's people in Heaven should be heard by every Christian. They are your *cloud of witnesses.*
What does the Bible REALLY say about forgiving each other? Luke 17.3-4 In order to obey the Bible, should a wife *unconditionally* forgive her unfaithful husband?
A visitor asks: "Should I confess my adultery to my spouse?" 1 Cor 7.4 If you donít confess a sin then you have, in a sense, *gotten away with it.* That could be the foothold that Satan will use to tempt you again.
In *The Parable of the Prodigal Son* which brother is REALLY "the good guy?" Luke 15.11-32 L.G. asks: Does the older brother get more rewards in heaven than the prodigal son?
Why did the early church forbid certain kinds of food? Acts 15.28-29 Are Christians forbidden to eat rare meat, and meat from animals that have been strangled?
Can people who have never been exposed to God or Jesus be saved? Acts 4.12; John 14.6 What about people in the remotest parts of this world, who will never ever see a missionary? Itís not that they reject Christ -- they havenít even been given the opportunity to hear the message.

Tools for Bible Study

One-year Chronological Bible Reading Schedule Read the books of your Bible in approximately the same sequence as when the events took place.


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