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Sacrificial obedience
Just because you choose to obey God doesn’t mean that you
will be kept from jeopardy. You may have to go into the furnace of fire BECAUSE of your obedience to the Lord Jesus.
The Sufficiency of Scripture over Theophostic Counseling One major problem I see is that many Christians are being taught that the goal of the Christian life is to be FREE FROM PAIN rather than to BE LIKE JESUS.
Blessings & Woes from Jesus - Part 2 Learn why Jesus pronounces *Woe* upon spectacular and commercialized *religious events* |as compared to| the *Blessings* He bestows on those who privately pray and mourn for the sins of a lost and dying world.
Blessings & Woes from Jesus - Part 1 Learn what Jesus taught about the *Woe* of spiritual pride |versus| the *Blessing* of an humble heart.
Don't forget Israel! The prophecy of Israel's *National Regathering* has already been fulfilled. Now all we are waiting for is the fulfillment of Israel's *Spiritual Regathering*. Therefore, we’re one step closer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
Putting on Patience - Parts 1 & 2 The quality of patience will go a long way toward your goal of creating a more peaceful and loving self. The more patient you are, the more accepting you will be of what life is, rather than insisting that life be exactly what you would like it to be.
What will happen to Iraq? I believe the war against Iraq is moving the world ever closer to the beginning of the conflict called Armageddon. Armageddon, according to the Bible, will be Satan’s attempt to completely eradicate Israel.
The empty chair symbol The leaders of the church where I fellowship practice the 20 percent rule. At all the main services, they keep at least 20 percent of the chairs empty!
What really concerns me I have no doubt about our ability to defeat Iraq's army of Republican Guards, but if you think that is all there is to Saddam's army – then you know very little about SPIRITUAL WARFARE!
Take time to be bored God sometimes tells you to rest more by giving subtle hints. If you ignore God's hints, your body may break down, or your stress level might zoom out of control.
Two hundred pounds of junk A missionary was given just 2 hours to leave China after the communists took over. He could take with him only 200 lbs. of his prized possessions. What did he take? What would YOU take?
The Lure of the Familiar Reaching for the past to afford yourself a measure of comfort will impede progress. Always reach forward.
Preaching that Offends Go to shopping malls and ask people what they believe about life after death and you will find that eternal destiny is NOT a subject that most people even want to talk about.
Focusing on The Cross The two most powerful symbols in the world today are the dollar sign and the cross. As a Christian, which have YOU chosen?
God's cure for the deadly disease of negative thoughts Isn’t it much better to live your life in peace? Not simply at peace with others, but at peace with yourself as well?

The reason for Power Failure
The electricity got shut off inside Simon Peter, and POOF! All the lights went out!
Lord Captain of the Sea When you set sail with Jesus, smooth sailing may not always be on the horizon. You must not expect to find the sea calm from such storms.
A friend of sinners? Oh my! If our Lord returned right now -- this instant -- would He find that there are churches and denominations who, UNlike Himself, would never stoop so low as to receive sinners?
A Jealous God Because of God's great love for you, He is very jealous of you. He is also very jealous of the company you keep.
How Big is Your God?
  • WHY does God insist that you worship Him?
  • WHY does God insist that you trust Him?
The Little Faith Engine that CAN! Faith is not politically correct. Faith does not ignore danger, it presses on despite of it. Faith runs the risk of shocking and surprising people. Faith dispels excuses.
Skillful Separation While it is true you are IN the world, you are not to be OF the world. This is one of those seeming paradoxes that the Bible often throws your way.
Death of a Son "I realized that my son's martyrdom was an act of Allah, and it became for me as a source of pride."
When *good* feels *bad* Each of us bears a scar or two regarding
something that was said or has happened to us in the past. We struggle trying to find meaning, but usually all we find for the moment is pain and apprehension.
Are You Guilty? The enemy is watching YOU! Why? So that he can accuse you before the Father (Rev. 12:10). Remember to be holy (1 Pet. 1:15-16).
Don't Be Afraid You cannot glorify God if you play the coward. God has called you to walk close to the fires!
Reaching Out and Touching Jesus All who come to Jesus are made better in some way. It may not be the way we want or expect, but if God speaks, it will be something better than we could possibly imagine.
The Testing of the Righteous Whatever road your great God has us walking on, you can be sure that behind and in front of you, is a trial.
The True Love of My Soul No one should give any rest to his spirit until he feels quite sure about his or her love for Jesus.
Are YOU Seeking a Miracle? Jesus Himself was a sign and wonder – yet the crowd wanted more. So why didn’t Jesus just give it to them?
Jesus Makes House Calls Only God knows the reasons why we at times come under the control of an illness.
Baptism of the Spirit and Speaking in Tongues The first place to begin in order to clear up some of this confusion about the baptism of the Holy Spirit is to realize that it is Jesus who does the baptizing, not the Holy Spirit.
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