Second Time Listener
by Rich Wilbur
A Devotional Study of Jonah 3.1

Read carefully the following dialog...

  • Reporter: Sir, What is the secret of your success?
  • Bank President: Two words.
  • Reporter: And, Sir, what are they?
  • Bank President: Right decisions.
  • Reporter: And how do you make right decisions?
  • Bank President: One word.
  • Reporter: And, What is that?
  • Bank President: Experience.
  • Reporter: And how do you get Experience?
  • Bank President: Two words
  • Reporter: And, Sir, what are they?
  • Bank President: Wrong decisions

Now the word of the Lord came to
Jonah the SECOND TIME.

Jonah 3.1

Dear Christians:
Not very often do I share with anyone my favorite verse in the Bible.

Everyone has a favorite passage or two. The above passage in Jonah is mine. The reason I like it so much is that it reveals that God is the God of the “second chance.”

Jonah tried to run in the opposite direction of God’s revealed will. God put an end to his cowardly plan. And then, when Jonah stood still long enough, God approached him AGAIN.

That's grace!

Was Jonah successful? All you have to do is read chapter 3.5-10 and you will note that the whole city of Nineveh repented because of Jonah's preaching, with the king leading the way.
I believe Jonah's effectiveness was the result of first making some wrong

Jonah's wrong decisions gave birth to experience. And experience
led to wiser and right decisions.

Remember, God has taken away sin’s penalty of ever having to condemn you for the sins of the past. But you shouldn't forget the lessons learned that led to those bad decisions.

Everyday is a new beginning. And if you listen carefully, God will speak to
you again the “second time.”

A Second Time Listener,


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